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Skill and knowledge make the bettor. So does the tool that you use. Use the tool that gives you the most powerful leverage for your game.

FairBot 4.83 - NEW!

FairBot makes your Betfair experience more interactive, more profitable, and simply more fun than using Betfair's web site alone. It turbo charges your betting skills and knowledge of specific Betfair markets and helps you manage all of your Betfair trading activity in one efficient work environment. FairBot resembles the Betfair website, so learn fast and bet confidently.

FairBot is optimised for speed, which gives you a powerful advantage against other exchange users. Its incredibly-fast market refreshing, one-click bets or trades placement and execution, "drag & drop" feature in the Ladder interface for fast bet amendment, and multi-market ability with the Market Watch List all allow you to get ahead of the market and earn more.

Novices and Recreational Traders will benefit from FairBot because it gives them a seamless, enjoyable betting and trading experience. Our Betfair trading software reassures amateur bettors at any skill level with its reliable, data-rich, yet familiar user interface. Enthusiasts learn and hone their skills with FairBot's sophisticated real time data display, warning sounds and its simulated trading mode. And as their confidence increases, they have access to powerful interactive trading controls.

Professional Traders use FairBot because it's profitable. The real time displays of sophisticated market data analysis, the high profit potential of betting in multiple markets with the Market Watch List, the ladder interface, and Advanced Charting all give betting professionals a clear edge in making more profitable bets and trades. FairBot's betting and trading controls like conditional betting, stop loss, greening up, and "fill or kill" make "complex" trades foolproof.


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