FairBot - Ultimate Betfair Tool for Professional and Novice Traders.


FairBot is interactive trading software built for users of the Betfair betting exchange. It is built by Binteko Software Company, an official Betfair API Solution vendor, which assures you of 100% compatibility with Betfair.

FairBot grid interface. Click to enlarge...FairBot ladder interface. Click to enlarge...Advanced Charting. Technical analysis indicators. Click to enlarge...

FairBot helps you win more by enabling you to visualize and act on markets and events with keen insight and high speed of execution. It displays more information, more selectively, and with faster updates, than you can see through the Betfair website - up to 5 times per second updating.

FairBot provides real time charting of market price trends using several available price movement charts. It allows you to trade on multiple markets simultaneously and the Ladder interface makes betting and trading on selections easy. One mouse click bet and trade execution is available.

The FairBot's graphical user interface is simple to use and has the familiar style of the Betfair website.

Fast, Investment Grade Real-Time Data Display

Betfair is like the stock market - but it's a market that moves at light speed. In this market, you need the fastest and most comprehensive tool available to make profitable trades. FairBot delivers the split-second speed that you need to watch your positions and to place bets and trades with confidence.

  • Fast, Continuous Screen Updating - up to five times per second (0.2 second refresh interval) makes all displays truly real time.
  • Ladder interface - is an alternative betting interface where odds (prices) are displayed vertically. It allows you to manage your plays on a market faster and more conveniently. You can perform operations on bets with maximum possible speed using just one mouse click: place and cancel bet(s) or use the intuitively obvious "drag & drop" mechanism to change the odds of the bets. Also, it provides additional information such as traded volume for the whole odds range, and much more.
  • Bet and Trade in Multiple Markets Simultaneously with Market Watch List.
  • Price movement charts directly on the main screen for each contender.
  • Advanced Technical Charting. Candlestick, bar and line charts.
  • Technical analysis indicators - include Bollinger Bands and Envelope (measures market volatility), SMA and EMA moving averages, MACD, RSI, CCI, etc.
  • Display the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc market favourites.
  • Warning Sounds - certain real time events can be set to cause a warning sound to be played. FairBot supports early warnings for an event start, partially or fully matched bets, a market turning in-play, or a market suspending during in-play.
  • Countdown clock showing the time remaining before the scheduled start of an event.
  • Friendly, Betfair-like, Windows-style user interface.

Powerful Betting and Trading Controls

FairBot delivers speed, power and accuracy of execution. Combined with FairBot's powerful data display capabilities, it's a sure bet that you'll have fun and enjoy the profitability and power of real time betting and trading.

  • Conditional betting - automatically places opposite bet (back or lay) only if a previous bet was matched.
  • Single Mouse Click - place single bets or trades with one mouse click.
  • Greening Up function - equalize a current profit or a current loss across all selections.
  • Stop Loss feature - allows you to close your trading position with minimal losses if market moves against you.
  • Simulated Betting and Trading - practice how to be a better trader and bettor on FairBot - risklessly - with simulation mode. All trades and bets are simulated against the live Betfair data stream without touching your account balance. You can use all of the sophisticated betting and trading controls to practice your trading techniques.
  • Dutching feature - you can back multiple selections in the same event for an equal profit, if any one of them wins.
  • "Fill or Kill" tool for single bets and for trades - cancel unmatched bets automatically after a predefined number of seconds.
  • Optional bet confirmation and checking screens before placing bets.
  • Betfair Starting Price - supports BSP bets

Bet and Trade in Multiple Markets At One Time With Market Watch List

FairBot is the right tool for multiple markets with its Market Watch List feature. You can now organize simultaneous work with multiple markets right inside FairBot - without the hassle, and possible Betfair data request charges of running multiple instances of betting software.

  • Earn more winnings in the same time by playing multiple markets at once
  • FairBot constantly updates prices and bets being displayed in watched markets
  • FairBot sends pending bets to Betfair automatically from any market in the watch list, even when you have switched to another market
  • Keeps all markets in the watch list in one place which allows you to evaluate the state of individual markets quickly
  • Switch to a watched market instantly with a double mouse click
  • Supports as many watched markets as you require

Safety and Compatibility

  • Full Betfair API support - This protects FairBot from any future changes made to the design of the Betfair website.
  • Internet traffic compression - makes screen updating as fast as possible.
  • Will not result in Betfair data request charges to your account - when used as recommended.
  • Designed for Windows.
  • Linux and Mac OS Compatible - via the popular WINE or WineBottler compatibility program. FairBot will be at home on any popular desktop OS.

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