What's new in FairBot?

What's new in FairBot 3.91 vs 3.9?

  • Fixed the problem with disabled "Remove Closed Markets" button in the Market Watch List.
  • Fixed the problem with the "By Saddlecloth No." and "By Stall Draw" selectors in Advanced Automation.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.9 vs 3.8?

  • Race Status added to the display for Horse and Greyhound Racing markets.
  • The Advanced Greening Up function. This function allows you to spread the selection profit/loss in any required proportion, not just 50% / 50% as currently the Greening Up function does. Just open the Options screen, the Greening Up page and turn on the "Enable Advanced Greening Up" option.
  • Added Each Way market support.
  • New shortcuts to add/remove a market to/from the Market Watch List.
  • Romanian Betfair (Betfair.ro) support. Now users of Betfair.ro website can use FairBot too.
  • Automation: The new Selection Historic Relative Odds condition. This condition allows to compare current odds with the odds that were available some time ago.
  • Automation: The new Market Race Status condition. It is now possible to perform some actions when a horse or greyhound race changes its status.
  • Automation: The new Change Bet Persistence action. Now you can change the bet persistence of your bets in your automated strategies.
  • Automation: Enhanced Selection Volume condition. Now it allows you to calculate selection volume at the specified odds or within the specified odds range.
  • Automation: Added the Min/Max/Most traded odds. Now it is possible to use the Min/Max/Most Traded Odds in your actions and conditions.
  • Automation: Added "% of Balance" staking option for the Dutching action.
  • Automation: New offset options (percentage and absolute odds values) in the Dutching action.
  • New columns in the Market Watch List. Now it shows the Market Volume, and the Back and Lay side Book Percentages. Also it is now possible to hide unnecessary columns. Just click the "Select Columns..." button in the toolbar.
  • Ladder Tick Size Crossover Odds colour. Now FairBot marks the odds (at which the tick size is changed) with a different colour.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling is now available in the Dutching & Back/Lay All windows.
  • Fixed some problems with application freezing if the "Last Bet" selector is used in automated strategies.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.8 vs 3.78?

  • The Market Selector feature. This new feature allows you to use customised market searches, by different criteria, and easily add selected markets to the Market Watch List or My Markets menu.
  • A new ladder chart. Now FairBot shows the price history chart alongside each ladder. This chart then allows you to see the price history for the last few minutes. Its vertical axis matches the vertical ladder prices which allows you to actually determine the price value of each point on the chart. Very useful for scalpers and traders.
  • An ability to represent available to back/lay amounts on back/lay sides as bars with the length proportional to the available amount. This allows you to easily estimate how much money is available on the back or lay side at each odds.
  • Now FairBot shows the Winner(s) on a settled/closed market in the Grid or Ladder interface.
  • Now FairBot keeps matched bets (traded volumes and LTPs) for settled/closed markets. This also allows you to see the Min/Max P/L figures in the Market Watch List for settled/closed markets.
  • Automation. Now FairBot allows you to select contestants by the "Last Bet" selector for selection-based actions and conditions. In other words this allows you to choose the contestant the latest bet was placed on.
  • Automation. Now FairBot allows you to select contestant(s) by position in the list of market contestants, sorted by Near/Far/Actual SP.
  • Automation. The new “Percent of Balance” stakes. Now FairBot allows you to set the stakes in your actions as a percentage of current account balance.
  • Automation. 2 new methods are now available to define relative prices for your actions and conditions. Now (in addition to the “ticks”) you can specify an offset from the odds by percentage or in absolute values (i.e. in “odds”). For example: it is now possible to place a bet at a price 5% higher than the current back odds, etc.
  • A new “Always on Top” option for secondary (pop up) windows such as Market Watch List, Selection Chart, Strategy Editor and others. This controls whether a secondary window should (or should not) stay at the front of the main window when a user switches to the main window.
  • Some improvements to the GUI for non-standard DPI modes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.78 vs 3.77?

  • Fixed the problem with excessively high CPU usage.
  • Fixed small memory leaks.

What's new in FairBot 3.77 vs 3.7?

  • The Market Overview Chart. This shows the price history charts of all (or chosen) selections in one place (in the same screen) and allows the user to quickly overview the market.
  • A new "Place a BSP Bet" action which allows you to place BSP bets using the Advanced Automation facility.
  • A new "Selection Relative Odds" condition which allows you to compare prices between two different selections in the same market.
  • Added the Starting Price (Near SP, Far SP, Actual SP) support to the Advanced Automation facility. Now it is possible use the Near/Far/Actual SP in addition to the present Back/Lay Odds or LTP.
  • Improved ability to choose selections for selection-specific actions and conditions in Advanced Automation. Now you can also specify selection by position in a list of market selections sorted by Lay Odds, LTP or Volume and by Stall Draw or Saddlecloth Numbers on horse racing markets.
  • Added ability to specify odds (single odds or odds range) at which the following actions and conditions work: Cancel Bets, Cancel Bets on Selection, Market Bet Count, Selection Bet Count, Selection Trade Count. For example, it is possible to cancel unmatched bets in the odds range from 1.5 to 5.0 or count the unmatched lay bets at the current back odds, etc.
  • A new subscription reminder screen. It appears when your current subscription is about to expire, shows you how many days remain to the end of current subscription and allows you to renew your subscription, or remind later, etc.
  • Dutching. Added an ability to use positive and negative offsets on the Dutching screen.
  • Fixed issues with the "Selection Green Up P/L" condition and "Green Up Selection" action for 2-way markets like tennis.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.7 vs 3.61?

  • An ability to show extra price columns in the Grid interface. See the “Settings...” screen: Grid tab. There are now new Back/Lay Column Count options.
  • A new LTP/LTA column in the Grid that shows the last trading price and the last trading amount. Click the “Settings...” button to show/hide this column.
  • A new Volume column in the Grid that shows the total amount matched on this selection. Turn it on/off from the “Settings...” screen.
  • An ability to sort selections in the Grid by different criteria such as Back/Lay Odds, Volume, Name, etc... See the “Sort Order” option at the top-right corner of the Grid interface.
  • A new “Settings...” screen. Now all options are grouped into 3 tabs: General, Grid and Ladder.
  • New conditions for Advanced Automation: Market Volume, Selection Volume.
  • New action for Advanced Automation: Cancel Bets on Selection. This allows the user to cancel different types of bets for a particular selection.
  • An ability to clone rules within the same strategy in the Strategy Editor. This allows you to quickly create similar rules within the same strategy.
  • Added an ability to show the “Hedged P/L” and “Selection P/L” data in a separate column in the Ladder. See the "Separate P/L Column" option in the “Settings...” screen on the Ladder page.
  • Fixed the problem with the Book Percentage Condition.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.61 vs 3.6?

  • Updated market menu hierarchy. Now FairBot provides a more convenient menu hierarchy (especially for Tennis and Football) which is very similar to the Betfair website market menu.
  • Additional stake buttons. Now FairBot can show up to 10 stake buttons in the Grid and Ladder interfaces.
  • Fixed minor problems with the "Place a Trade" and "Dutching" actions.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Simulation Mode.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.6 vs 3.58?

  • The Advanced Automation feature. Now you can automate your betting, trading and dutching activity. Just create your strategy, add some automation rules to it and assign the strategy to any required markets. For additional information please visit the following page: https://www.binteko.com/blog/fairbot-advanced-automation
  • Now FairBot changes the order of selections in the grid interface to match it to the order of selections on Betfair website.
  • Fixed the problem with missing selections in FairBot if they are added later on the Betfair website.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 3.58 vs 3.57?

  • Fixed the "Read timed out" problem on in-play markets.

What's new in FairBot 3.57 vs 3.56?

  • Fixed the "Issuer certificate not found" problem on log in.
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