What's new in FairBot?

What's new in FairBot 3.0 vs 2.96?

  • 'Green Up All' feature. This allows you to close all opened positions in a market with just a single mouse click.
  • An ability to set the number of ladders from 1 to 9. This could be useful for large screen resolution which allows the user to fit more than 3 ladders. See the Settings window.
  • Highlight last trading price in the Ladder interface. Now FairBot highlights the last price matched on the ladder with green, yellow and red colours. See the Settings window.
  • New sound bet matching alerts. Now FairBot can alert a user with a sound when a bet is fully or partially matched.
  • New sound files for sound alerts. Now FairBot includes some more sound files to use with sound alerts.
  • New WoM (Weight of Money) and Standard Deviation indicator charts. Now FairBot can show WoM and Standard Deviation indicator charts in the Selection Chart Window.
  • Ladder auto-centre facility. This feature automatically scrolls the ladder to the last price matched if the mouse pointer is not in the ladder. See the Settings window.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.96 vs 2.95?

  • Now FairBot allows you to show saddlecloth and stall draw numbers on the Grid interface for the Horse Racing markets. See the Settings screen, the "Race Card Info" group box.
  • Fixed some problems with the Simulation mode.

What's new in FairBot 2.95 vs 2.9?

  • Simulation Mode. Now it allows you to practice, or test your new strategies, without using real money in your Betfair account. See the "Simulation Mode..." menu item in the File menu.
  • Jockey silk images. Now it allows you to show jockey silk images on the Grid interface for the Horse Racing markets. This makes it easier to identify the horse you have bet on if watching the race on television.
  • An ability to attach Pending Offset and Stop Loss Bets to unmatched bets. This can be useful if you placed a single bet and then want to trade it without replacing your initial bet.
  • An ability to refresh your current balance automatically. See the Options screen, Data Refresh page.
  • Now Fairbot allows you to change the selection directly from the Selection Details screen, which shows betting activity for each contestant, so there is no need to close the existing Selection Details screen and then open a new one to monitor another selection.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.9 vs 2.86?

  • Advanced Charting. Candlestick, bar and line charts. Various customizable technical analysis indicators like EMA, MACD, RSI, CCI, etc.
  • "Hybrid" mode for price display on the ladder. This allows you to refresh market data more efficiently, with less traffic, and still see the full market depth prices on the ladder interface.
  • An ability to define custom colours for the grid and ladder interfaces in Swap mode.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.86 vs 2.85?

  • Fixed a problem with the "Full Market Depth" mode in the ladder interface.

What's new in FairBot 2.85 vs 2.81?

  • Now it shows the possible net or hedged profit/loss for each price in the 5th column of the ladder. Also it allows you to left click on these values to place a corresponding bet in the ladder interface.
  • Single Stop Loss bets. Now it allows you to right click on the 2nd or 4th column of the ladder interface to place a single stop loss bet. These stop loss bets are not associated with trades and are placed as a standalone (or a single) bet. They allow you to place a back bet if the price drops below the specified price and place a lay bet if the price lengthens higher than the specified price.
  • Improved "Greening Up" calculations.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.81 vs 2.8?

  • Fixed a problem with unmatched and pending bets sorting.
  • Improved performance.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.8 vs 2.7?

  • Fixed a problem with bets refreshing and the selection profit/loss figures.
  • Added Betfair Starting Price bets support.
  • Fixed "My Markets" sorting.
  • Added the "Smart Bets" option for Stop Losses which allows you to place "hedged" stop loss orders.
  • Added a "going in-play" label for markets which turn in-play mode.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.7 vs 2.6?

  • Traded Volume column for all 3 ladders. Now it shows (optionally) the amount of money traded on each odds for all ladders.
  • Traded Volume on the Chart. Now it also shows the traded volume on the FairBot chart in the Contender Details window.
  • Improved "Full Market Depth" feature. Now it shows full market depth prices on all 3 ladders.
  • Variable Dutching. This allows you to set the variable profit for Back Dutching and the variable liability for Lay Dutching for chosen selections. For example: if Back Dutching you can set a higher profit for favourites, and lower, or even zero, profit on any other selections that you don't think will win.
  • Improved "Greening Up" confirmation window. Now it automatically recalculates the stake if you change the odds.
  • Ability to show the "greening up" confirmation window if user clicks "Greening Up" button with Ctrl key button pressed even if Confirm "Greening Up" option is turned off.
  • Max. Liability option for Lay Dutching. This allows you to limit your liability for Lay Dutching.
  • Configurable shortcuts for "Cancel All", "Amend Bet", "Dutching (Back)" and "Dutching (Lay)" actions.
  • Ability to automatically refresh Betfair chart on Contender Details window with an adjustable interval.
  • Ability to Show/Hide the "Traded and Available" panel and other details in the Contender Details window to release additional space for the Chart.
  • Fully customizable chart colours. Now it allows you to change colours for background, axes, labels, etc. to produce your own colour scheme for the Chart.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.

What's new in FairBot 2.6 vs 2.51?

  • Displays the Stop Loss bets in the Pending Bets section. This lets you cancel or amend individual stop loss orders.
  • Now you can show Stop Loss orders and Pending bets directly on the ladder interface (by default with red and green corresponding colours). And you can cancel them or change the odds using "drag & drop" mouse operations.
  • The "Take SP" option for unmatched bets. If set this will convert unmatched exchange bets to Betfair SP (Starting Price) bets at the start of the event.
  • Now Fairbot does not wait for your initial bet to be fully matched to place a pending bet when Trading. It places part of the pending bet automatically if the initial bet is partially matched and the total stake of the matched part is greater than or equal to the minimum stake size.
  • Improved charting. Now the price chart in the "Contender Details" window does not shrink with time but has a fixed width (which you can set to your own requirement using zoom in and zoom out operations). Also it allows you to scroll the chart using the scroll bar below the chart.
  • My Markets feature. This allows you to add your favourite markets to the "My Markets" section in the Market menu for quick access.
  • Various small fixes and improvements.
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